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Great Antiques
& vintage furniture at K.C. Kollections in Eastport

Why not give something unique this year? We carry an amazing assortment of rare and interesting items for family and friends of any age. Visit us in Eastport, NY today!

KC CollectionsK.C. Kollections is in its 17th year. Our shop carries antiques, vintage furniture, and lighting. A large selection of new lamp shades, both for modern day and vintage styles, and hard to find lamp parts. We do expert lamp repair and rewiring. A trip to our shop surely will surprise you.

We are always on the hunt for unique, useful, beautiful, fun and convenient items to purchase and sell. We have a store filled with treasures to stir up fond memories, and serve as home decor, be it country, coastal, casual, contemporary or Catskills!

And since antiques are our passion, we would be delighted to provide you with thorough expert advice or even just some friendly tips. Learn more about us.